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Commercial Real Estate Loans

We fit the loan to you so that you can quickly seize opportunities as they arise.

Our commercial real estate loans are as diverse as your needs. When you’ve found the perfect commercial site, Charlotte State Bank & Trust’s local commercial real estate lending experts will help you secure it at a competitive rate. We offer a full range of real estate loans, including construction-to-permanent loans for owner-occupied properties and loans for cash-flowing investment commercial real estate. We also provide personal service focused on meeting all of your needs.

Loans subject to credit approval.

Common locations include:
  • Charlotte County
  • Sarasota County
  • Collier County
  • Lee County 
  • Port Charlotte
  • Murdock
  • Punta Gorda
  • North Port
  • Fort Myers
  • Airport Industrial Park
  • Alico Commerce Business Park
  • Collier Business Park
  • Corporate Square Industrial Park
  • North Cape Industrial Park
  • Railhead Industrial Park
  • Toll Gate Business Park
  • Trade Center Way
  • Viscaya Industrial Park 

Examples of projects that we will consider:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to get a commercial real estate loan?

Commercial real estate loans are mortgages used exclusively for commercial real estate, which is a business’s income-producing property. The typical range of the loan is between 5-20 years, with the amortization period often longer than the term of the loan.

Bankers are involved in the process of creating commercial real estate loans. When you’re working with a bank, the loan qualification process usually requires the following information:

  1. Commercial loan application, fully completed and signed
  2. Three years of personal tax returns, including all K-1s (any borrower with 20 percent or more ownership in the proposed ownership will be required to provide this information)
  3. Three years of business tax returns
  4. Year-to-date balance sheet and income statement for the latest period
  5. Personal financial statement, fully completed and signed
  6. Verification of liquidity to acknowledge where the down payment is coming from (three months of bank statements that verify liquidity)
  7. Contract on sale and purchase of subject property
  8. If the property currently has or has had tenants, three years of financial statement on the subject property
  9. Copies of all leases for income-producing property purchases
Whether you’ve already identified a property to acquire or you’re just formulating dreams of acquiring new real estate, it’s the perfect time to talk to your Charlotte State Bank & Trust lending professional. They will provide a quick and efficient answer on your loan request.

Want to Learn More About the Commercial Real Estate Loan Process?

Charlotte State Bank & Trust is home of the no surprises loan process. Contact us to speak with one of our lending experts.

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How do commercial real estate loans work?

Businesses use a commercial real estate loan to buy commercial property for income-producing purposes.

Commercial real estate loan terms typically include a term range from 5-20 years. The amortization period, which refers to the schedule of payments to pay off the loan, is typically longer than the loan term. For example, a commercial real estate (CRE) loan might have a term of seven years and a 30-year amortization, which means the monthly payments during the seven years are determined as if the loan were to be paid off over 30 years.

While most banks include a final payment called a “balloon” payment where the entire balance of the loan is paid off, one of the key factors that differentiates CSBT from other banks is that we do not do balloon payments, which saves you from a potentially large financial burden. We’re not here to spring any surprises on you—not with payments or terms.

To learn more, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide guidance.

What types of commercial real estate does Charlotte State Bank & Trust finance?

We offer a full range of commercial real estate loans that Florida business owners require. These CRE loans can be used for the following types of businesses or real estate properties:

  • Multi-tenant retail centers
  • Owner-occupied commercial real estate
  • Investment commercial real estate
  • Special purpose properties
  • Office buildings
  • Retail strip centers
  • Multi-family apartments
  • NNN investment restaurants
  • Tenant-occupied CRE
  • NNN investment commercial property
  • Chain restaurants

Our lending experts are here to help.

To learn more about the types of commercial real estate we finance, contact us.

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What are the current interest rates for commercial real estate loans?

Commercial real estate loan interest rates fluctuate often and depend on the commercial real estate loan requirements and structure.
The four main interest rate drivers include:

  1. Bank relationship: Are you currently banking with the lender you intend to receive a loan from?
  2. Product type: Will the property be owner-occupied or investment real estate?
  3. Market conditions: Are interest rates moving up or are they declining?
  4. Cash flow to service the proposed request: Do the borrower and guarantor have adequate cash flow resources to service the loan request?
From a banking perspective, the golden rule about interest rate pricing is “the lower the risk, the lower the rate.”

Typical down payments will vary based on real estate type. Owner-occupied will be a minimum of 20 percent cash equity injection. Real estate investment acquisitions will be a minimum of 30 percent cash equity injections.

Some banks will provide financing with the SBA 504 and SBA (7a) programs. Please ask your lending professional for more details regarding lower down payments for owner/occupied properties via this program. Commercial real estate loan structures could be up to 25-year amortizations with no balloon payment, no call, and no prepayment penalties.

Talk to your CSBT lending professional — there’s a lot more information we can provide if you contact us.

What is the difference between a business term loan and a commercial real estate loan?

A business term loan is a specific amount of borrowed money that is paid back on a fixed schedule, or term. Term loans usually have a fixed interest rate or a variable rate that adjusts based on the market. Term loans are used for business needs, such as equipment purchasing or office space renovation.

A commercial real estate loan is an amount of money used specifically for property, either for the purchase of an already existing structure or to build the structure. The commercial real estate loan process can often be more stringent.

Why choose Charlotte State Bank & Trust for your commercial real estate loan?

Our commercial real estate loans are as diverse as your needs. When you’ve found the perfect commercial site, Charlotte State Bank & Trust’s local commercial real estate lending experts will help you secure it at a competitive rate. Our loan experts will walk you through the commercial real estate qualifications needed to acquire the loan.
We offer a full range of real estate loans, including acquisition and development, construction, and permanent loans. Over the years, we have provided loans for owner-occupied commercial real estate, investment commercial real estate, and special purpose properties.

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