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Get expert advice for Estate Planning and Investment Management.

Charlotte State Bank & Trust’s experienced trust officers share their expertise through free seminars. They discuss a range of topics on how advance planning can help you prepare for the future, including:

  • Basic Estate Planning
  • Will vs. Trust
  • Value of Florida Residency and Homestead
  • Mutual Funds vs. Exchange Traded Funds
  • Planning Who Should Control Your Finances
  • And many other helpful subjects

Attend an upcoming seminar for free. We are currently offering hybrid events,  meaning attendees may attend in person or online. In-person capacity is limited to allow for physical distancing. Advance registration is required.

We also offfer in-person and online seminars at the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association

Christine Hause and Gregory Thomas
invite you to a series of free seminars


Answering Your Questions About Estate and Investment Planning from a Trust Officer's perspective

These free seminars are hybrid events, meaning attendees may participate in person or online. In-person capacity is limited to allow for physical distancing. Advance registration is required.

To attend in person at our Murdock branch office, 1100 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, please RSVP at any branch office,, or call Brielle at 941-624-1943.

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Thursday, Oct. 29
10-11:30 am

Estate Planning Basics

Review the basic elements of an estate plan: last will and testament, power of attorney and healthcare directives; the benefits of each and the pitfalls to avoid. Review the role of agent, including ways to protect yourself and your assets.

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Tuesday, Nov. 3
10-11:30 am

Out of State Wills, Trusts, and POAs

Evaluate Florida guidelines and review problems out of state documents can cause when you are domiciled or own property in Florida. New and existing Floridians will learn what should be updated and why.

Wednesday, Nov. 4
10-11:30 AM

Bond Risk and How to Avoid It

Find the best use for bonds and how to add them safely. Knowing the risks can help you screen them to avoid market losses due to interest rate changes and low quality. Properly used, they can retain wealth; overused, they can cost you.

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Thursday, Nov. 5
10-11:30 am

Will Versus Trust

Ever wonder which plan is best for you? Do you want to know the pros and cons of each? This seminar will delve into the details of each document and how they are implemented, administered, and settled.

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Tuesday, Nov. 10
10-11:30 am

Value of Florida Residency and Homestead

Uncover the multifaceted benefits of becoming a Florida resident, including various tax advantages, creditor protection, and homestead benefits. This information is beneficial for any Florida real estate owner or those who plan to be.

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Thursday, Nov. 12
10-11:30 am

IRAs and Your Estate Plan

Questioning brokerage accounts with mutual funds is good to do. Knowing the cost, risk, benchmarked performance, ratio of stocks to bonds, and cash held in mutual funds is crucial. Explore why exchange traded funds can be a far better option.

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Tuesday, Nov. 17
10-11:30 am

How to Fund Your Will or Trust

The most common mishaps with an estate plan is its funding. Assigned beneficiary designations and titling of assets can directly conflict with your written plans. Tips will be gleaned to save time, money, and stress for you and your beneficiaries.

Wednesday, Nov. 18
10-11:30 am

Fee Only Versus Fee-Based Investing

The difference between these two investment plans can be so costly. Learn why wealth is stunted due to additional costs, over excess diversity, failed sector tracking, and reduce market performance of the in fee-based and commissioned accounts we analyze.

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Thursday Nov. 19
10-11:30 am

Passing Wealth to the Next Generation

Safe and thoughtful large inheritances take some planning. Potential problems with beneficiaries such as asset protection from liabilities, dependency, family conflict, and poor money management will be explored, with solutions offered.

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Attendees of classes presented by Christine Hause at the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association have a choice to participate in person or online.  All classes offered at the Punta Gorda Civic Association are open to the public. Visit the PGICA  Office at 2001 Shreeve Street Punta Gorda, call 941-637-1655 or click the link below to register.

Please note: These are hybrid events, meaning attendees may participate in person or online. In-person capacity is limited to 12 people to allow for social distancing.

Friday, Oct. 30
10-11 am

Are You Prepared to Manage Your Portfolio for Increased Living and Care Expenses?

Consider the possibility of needing assisted living, in-home or skilled nursing care. What costs will you incur? Is your portfolio liquid enough to handle these costs? Do you have sound liquidity options in a down market? These questions and more will be discussed.

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Friday, Nov. 6
10-11 am

Are You Prepared for the Secure Act and Asset Protection?

The class explores the recent tax law changes and how they may impact your estate plans. You will explore the pros and cons of titling your assets in your trust name and other title options that can protect your assets from creditors and liabilities. Umbrella policies and what should be included will also be discussed.

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Friday, Nov. 13
10 -11 am

Are You Prepared with a Will or a Trust?

Join Christine Hause, Charlotte State Bank & Trust Vice President, to review the guidelines regarding trusts and wills in the state of Florida and compare those to the requirements in other states. Discussion will include best practices to reduce expenses, streamline administration, and plan for probate avoidance. Discover ways to protect your assets from costly probate fees from a trust officer’s perspective.

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