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Christine Hause invites you to a series of free webinars/seminars to answer your questions about estate planning from a Trust Officer's perspective. 
Free Seminars

Get expert advice for Estate Planning and Investment Management.

Charlotte State Bank & Trust’s experienced trust officers share their expertise through free seminars. They discuss a range of topics on how advance planning can help you prepare for the future, including:

  • Basic Estate Planning
  • Will vs. Trust
  • Value of Florida Residency and Homestead
  • Mutual Funds vs. Exchange Traded Funds
  • Planning Who Should Control Your Finances
  • And many other helpful subjects

Attend an upcoming seminar for free. We are currently offering hybrid events,  meaning attendees may attend in person at our Murdock branch office, 1100 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, or online. In-person capacity is limited to allow for physical distancing. Advance registration is required.

We also offer in-person and online seminars at the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association

Christine Hause and Gregory Thomas
invite you to a series of free seminars


Answering Your Questions About Estate and Investment Planning from a Trust Officer's perspective

These free seminars are hybrid events, meaning attendees may participate in person or online. In-person capacity is limited to allow for physical distancing. Advance registration is required.

To attend in person at our Murdock branch office, 1100 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, please RSVP at any branch office, rsvp@csbtfl.com, or call Brielle at 941-624-1943.

To receive login information to attend online, please register below. You may also email rsvp@csbtfl.com or call Brielle at 941-624-1943.
Tuesday, Dec. 1
10-11:30 am

Financial Decision-Making

Learn best practices and tools that can help you decide on gifting, investing, debt management, Social Security benefits, income taxes, large purchases, and much more. Making the most appropriate decision first puts you far ahead.

Wednesday, Dec. 2
10-11:30 am

Selecting Stock and Exchange Traded Funds

Each stock or ETF purchase is vitally important to portfolio success. Assets must meet the account’s goal, have low expense, be liquid, have solid performance, and be tax efficient and transparent. Acquire some helpful tips and concepts you can easily apply.

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Thursday, Dec. 3
10-11:30 am

Titles and Beneficiaries: Important to Your Plans

Incorrect titling or beneficiaries can result in probate or disinheriting a relative by accident. Details about per capita and per stirpes planning, asset protection options. and the problems with adding other to accounts will be discussed.

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Tuesday, Dec. 8
10-11:30 am

Estate Planning Reviews and Updates

Life brings challenges which may trigger a plan review or a legal change to a document. Plans should forecast family predeceasing or delaying assets to young beneficiaries. A review need or document change checklist will be shared.

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Wednesday, Dec. 9
10-11:30 am

How to Benchmark Your Investments

It is not enough to see higher balances in a “bull market.” Your account should track the appropriate indices; but which one is best? Delve into the best index with which to compare your account. It is helpful to know the true performance of your investments..

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Thursday, Dec. 10
10-11:30 am

Giving of
Tangible Personal Property

Family can disagree over money; jewelry, war medals, cars, artwork, and collectibles, which may cause discord. There are ways to properly distribute special personal items to loved ones. Good practices can keep peace in families.

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Tuesday, Dec. 15
10-11:30 am

Planning for Beneficiaries with Challenges

Some wonder how to give a child or grandchild with special needs a gift. Others worry about a beneficiary struggling with mental health, dependency or compulsive issues. Estate-planning techniques for these matters will be shared.

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Wednesday, Dec. 16
10-11:30 am

Global Markets
Your Portfolio

Positioning your assets to benefit from currency, government, and social effects on foreign markets will be addressed. Explore how U.S. companies benefit your holdings while still offering exposure to global demand with a degree of safety.

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Thursday, Dec. 17
10-11:30 am

Estate Planning
Your Pets

A sound plan for the care or placement of your pet is important. Many healthy pets are euthanized after an owner’s death due to lack of proper planning. Decisions made when you are enabled to care for your inability to care for your furry loved one will give solace to all.

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Attendees of classes presented by Christine Hause at the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association have a choice to participate in person or online.  All classes offered at the Punta Gorda Civic Association are open to the public. To register, please visit the PGICA  Office at 2001 Shreeve Street Punta Gorda, call 941-637-1655 or click the link below to be directed to a registration page on the PGICA website. 

Please note: These are hybrid events, meaning attendees may participate in person or online. In-person capacity is limited to 12 people to allow for social distancing.

Friday, November 20
10-11 am

Are You Prepared to Learn the True Cost of Your Investments?

Discover how much you are paying in fees, internal costs, commissions, tax, and cash drag. Many portfolios are costing way too much. Is yours one of them? Learn the real returns of stocks and bonds and how to compare your portfolio to actual market performance.

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Friday, December 4
10-11 AM

Are You Prepared for Changes in Your Health?

If you or your loved one gets a serious medical diagnosis, you may wonder if your documents are in order, your assets are titled correctly, and your estate plan fulfills your wishes. Be ready to focus your attention on health care - not your finances.

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Friday, December 11
10-11 AM

How to Avoid Probate

Have you carefully reviewed all your asset titles and beneficiary designations with a trust officer or attorney? Christine Hause, Vice President, and Greg Thomas, Portfolio Manager at Charlotte State Bank & Trust will discuss how best to assign titles and beneficiaries to match the goals of your estate plan, documents, and, if possible, avoid the probate process.

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Friday, December 18
10-11 AM

Stocks, Bonds and Exchange Traded Funds

Discover the tools portfolio managers use to evaluate and analyze the most cost-effective investments to keep rewards up and risks down. Learn concepts and theories and how to apply them to your investment selections. Gain insight into their tax advantages and other benefits.

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