Join Charlotte State Bank & Trust Vice President Christine Hause and Portfolio Manager Angie Parsons for a series of estate-planning and investment seminars designed to help you learn "how to" ensure and protect your financial legacy.

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Get expert advice for Estate Planning and Investment Management.

Join Charlotte State Bank & Trust Vice President Christine Hause and Portfolio Manager Angie Parsons for estate-planning and investment seminars to learn "how to" ensure and protect your financial legacy.

Our team meets the highest legal obligation as true fiduciaries by acting in our clients’ best interests at all times. Seminars are presented from a Trust Officer's perspective and are free and open to the public. 


"How To" Summer SEMINAR Series

These complimentary seminars are  held from 10 a.m. to noon at the bank’s North Port office, 4300 Aidan Lane; Murdock office, 1100 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte; and Punta Gorda office, 2331 Tamiami Trail. The seminars at the Murdock office will also be presented via webinar.

Register for one or all of our upcoming seminars or webinars through Eventbrite by following the links below, or contact Trust Operations Specialist Linda Ferrara at 941-624-1943

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Select Mondays
10 am

Create a Last Will and Testament or Trust and Identify and Lower Investment Expenses

Discover the basics of each document, how these documents work together, and what elements go into creating the best estate plan for you and your heirs. Bring your written plans or wishes and wants to discuss during or after the seminar, or schedule a one-on-one appointment.

Learn how to filter out or move out of expensive mutual funds, limited unit investment trusts, and private real estate trusts to find low-cost exchange traded funds and select the best non-commissioned, low-cost instruments to build or rebuild your portfolio.

July 11 | North Port

July 18 | Murdock

July 18 | Webinar

July 25 | Punta Gorda

Select Tuesdays
10 am

Select a Successor Trustee and Agent and Decide the Best Stock-to-Bond Ratio for You

These roles are demanding of time, energy, intellect, ethics and comes at a price. Learn what skill sets should be possessed and how to reduce the expense. Giving power over your IRA, bank & investment accounts, vehicles, and other assets can be helpful or hurtful. Learn safe options and best practices.

The amount of equities (stocks) versus fixed income (bonds) overwhelmingly determines the success of your portfolio. Discover the right balance for your income needs. Bring your current ratio and income requirements for our opinion of the right mix.

July 12 | North Port

July 19 | Murdock

July 19 | Webinar

July 26 | Punta Gorda

Select Wednesdays
10 am

Fund Your Will or Trust with Proper Titles and Beneficiaries and Maximize Bond Income with Low Risk

It takes detailed planning to be sure your wishes happen as you direct. An incorrect title or beneficiary on an asset can derail your plans. Bring your asset titles and beneficiaries to have reviewed after the seminar or at a special appointment time.

Bonds can be riskier than stocks, so learning how best to build your bond reservoir with quality choices is imperative. Learn how to prudently select and value how much you should place in bonds to protect your income needs during bear markets.

July 13 | North Port

July 20 | Murdock

July 20 | Webinar

July 27 | Punta Gorda

Select Thursdays
10 am

Benefit from Florida Residency and Get Stock Market-Like Returns Consistently

Learn the value of becoming a Floridian and get a list of what is necessary. Learn about the tax benefits, all the values that homestead provides and how your out of state will, trust or power of attorney may interact with Florida rules.

With over 92% of mutual funds failing their benchmark, how can you meet or beat the benchmark? Our fiduciary portfolio manager will show you how we outperform the benchmark. Bring your questions and list of holdings to get expert advice.

July 14 | North Port

July 21 | Murdock

July 21 | Webinar

July 28 | Punta Gorda

Select Fridays
10 Am

Minimize Estate Planning Stress on Family and Handle Out-of-State Wills, Trusts and POAs

Losing a loved one is emotional and adding a long list of business activities to family is very difficult on them, especially when they are out of state. Discover all the challenges that family must face to settle an estate and how best to minimize them.

Evaluate Florida guidelines and review problems out-of-state documents can cause when you are domiciled or own property in Florida. Review homestead benefits and rules. New and existing Floridians will learn helpful tips for updating their plans.

July 15 | North Port

July 22 | Murdock

July 22 | Webinar

July 29 | Punta Gorda

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