Regulation CC Funds Availability Change, Effective 7/1/20 
Amounts made available for withdrawal on the 1st business day after checks deposited is increasing from $200 to $225 and $5,000 to $5,525 on large deposits.
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Take Control of Your Finances

Link your Charlotte State Bank & Trust account to QuickBooks® or Quicken®

Get more from your bank account by doing more with your favorite financial management tools.

QuickBooks® and Quicken® are two of the most widely used programs in the world. Both programs come from software developer Intuit, which also owns the popular personal finance management site

Use Your Favorite Tax Software with Your Charlotte State Bank & Trust Account

  • Web Connect: Download account transactions from Online Banking and import them into Quicken.
  • Express Connect: Quicken communicates directly with the bank on your behalf. You don’t need to log in to Online Banking and manually download transactions.
  • Transaction Download Widget: Easily download bank account transactions and import them into your QuickBooks software. Note: If you do not see the Transaction Download Widget, click “More”. Then click "Widget Options" to add it.

The Web Connect and/or Express Connect with Quicken services allow you to conveniently access your accounts directly through your Quicken software. Download account activity and complete account transfers.

The Transaction Download Widget simplifies downloading multiple account transactions so that you can add them to your QuickBooks software.

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Payments made within Online Banking or Bill Pay will be included in your transaction history once the payments have cleared your account. They will also be downloaded to your accounting software for reconciliation purposes.

Are You Having Trouble Reconnecting?

Check out our Quicken and QuickBooks Help Guide.

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