Join Charlotte State Bank & Trust Vice President Christine Hause and Portfolio Manager Angie Parsons for a series of estate-planning and investment seminars designed to help you learn "how to" ensure and protect your financial legacy.

Wherever You Are

We are there.

You don’t spend all of your life in one place, so you should be able to bank in more than one place.

Online and mobile banking provide convenient alternatives to visiting a branch or even making a phone call. Easily access and manage your accounts from your home, your office, or wherever you have an internet connection.


Online Banking & Bill Pay

Pay bills conveniently and safely. Save stamps, paper, and time by paying online.

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Mobile Banking & Check Deposit

Whether you’re running errands, enjoying a vacation, or just away from your computer, you can bank on the go with our mobile app. Deposit checks, access your accounts, transfer money, and more.

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Ways to Pay

Cash isn’t always best. Find out more about secure ways to pay like using a debit card, MobiMoney, Apple Pay®, and P2P payments with your Charlotte State Bank & Trust account.

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Quicken® and QuickBooks®

Charlotte State Bank & Trust offers two convenient ways to download transactions so that you can add them to your account in Quicken® or QuickBooks® financial management software.

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