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Other Services

Charlotte State Bank & Trust is pleased to provide its customers with  a wide range of banking services to meet every financial need.    

Safe Deposit Boxes

We provide a variety of safe deposit box sizes for the protection of your valuable papers, heirlooms or jewelry. Currently we offer the following sizes of safe deposit boxes, please check with the office convenient to you for availabilities:

                        3" by   5"     $22.00 
                        3" by 10"    $44.00 
                        5" by 10"     $55.00 
                     10" by 10"    $99.00 

All boxes are 21 inches deep. Box rentals require a deposit account with automatic debit of annual fee.        

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

Charlotte State Bank & Trust offers drive-thru ATMs at each of its offices, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Charlotte State Bank & Trust belongs to the STAR and PRESTO (Publix) networks and your ATM Cards and VISA Check Cards are accepted wherever their network logos are displayed. There is no fee to use the Publix Presto Machines.    

Please note that while Charlotte State Bank & Trust does not charge for you to use your ATM or VISA Debit Cards at non-Charlotte State Bank & Trust locations, the bank operating the machines may do so. Such fees will be reflected in your monthly statement.

Charlotte State Bank & Trust maintains a reciprocal agreement with Englewood Bank & Trust, First State Bank of Arcadia and Wauchula State Bank where your VISA CheckCard may be used at their ATMs without charge.

Money Orders

For our customers, Money Orders are available for bill payment or to send funds of up to $500.00. There is a $2.50 service charge per Money Order.

Cashier's Checks

For our customers that need to pay a bill or send funds for amounts over $500.00, Cashier's Checks are available. There is a $6.00 service charge per Cashier's Check.

Wire Transfer Service

Charlotte State Bank & Trust is pleased to offer Wire Transfer Services to our customers as long as you maintain an account with us.  There are fees associated with incoming and outgoing wires.  Please contact a Personal Banker for current fees.


Please wire directly to:

Charlotte State Bank & Trust
1100 Tamiami Trail
Port Charlotte, Florida 33953
1 (888)-624-5454 or (941) 624-5400

Routing Transit Number 067013179

For Further Credit to: 
Account Number to Credit:

Notary Service

Do you have documents on which your signature needs to be notarized? Bring them to us, unsigned, and we will gladly notarize your signature as a courtesy for our customers. There is a $10-per-notary service fee for non-customers.

Please bring a photo ID with you as state laws require us to verify your identification, even if we know you.

Regulations do not allow us to notarize the following documents: wills, trusts, durable power of attorney, warranty deeds, quit claim deeds or any "certified copies" such as birth certificates.