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Our Approach

Professional investment management services

Meeting tomorrow’s needs today

Secure your financial future by trusting in our proven past. Our experienced advisors will help you form and follow an investment strategy that fulfills your needs.

At Charlotte State Bank & Trust, our investment services begin with you. We listen, plan and implement an investment strategy based on you and your goals. We work with you and for you, allowing you to enjoy the life you've worked hard to achieve.

Trust in our 3-step approach:

We listen.

The better we know you, the more we can help you. Share your wants and your needs, your desires and your concerns. We will address them together.

We plan.

Set your goals. We will plan to reach them together, working with you to shape a strategy that will work for you.

We work.

We commit to your plan as you do. We will execute your plan together, maximizing success by measuring outcomes and adjusting approaches as markets shift and situations change.

Investing in your future—together

Charlotte State Bank & Trust’s investment services team works around you. Experienced investment advisors and professionals provide high-quality, personalized service, reacting quickly and responding promptly whenever you need us. We also manage portfolios for Individual Management Accounts, Trust Accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts and Foundation Accounts separately so that each gets the attention it needs to produce the results that are desired.

We begin by balancing risk and reward, allocating assets appropriately based on your goals, investment timeline and risk tolerance. Then we actively manage your portfolios in accordance with market conditions, monitoring changes and diversifying investments to keep you moving toward your goals. We also maximize long-term tax efficiency by controlling capital gains and losses through the use of separately managed accounts.

Equity investments focus on diversity and performance, mixing dividend-paying stocks and growth stocks. We quantitatively screen companies for consistent earnings, cash flows, profit margins and debt levels. Then we qualitatively review the management teams and growth prospects. Most S&P 500 industry sectors will be represented among the 30-50 individual investments within your portfolio. We also may invest in Small-Cap, Mid-Cap and International equities through indexes. Exchange Traded Funds may be used to diversify smaller accounts.

Fixed-income investments focus on high-quality, investment-grade, intermediate-term bonds. We are particularly careful in controlling interest rate-risk by reviewing the impact of duration and average-weighted maturity. We also manage risk in the tax-exempt bond market by monitoring credit-risk reviews for states, counties and municipalities.

We avoid Annuities, Unit Investment Trusts, Mutual Funds, Business Development Companies and Private Real Estate Investment Trusts because these tend to have hidden fees, confusing guarantees, surrender charges, tax inefficiencies and thin secondary markets.

We strive for an “outcome-based” performance, measuring our performance against your goals and expectations. We base our management fee on the percentage of assets under management. We do not charge commissions.

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Complimentary Portfolio Review