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Community Support Guidelines

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As a Florida community bank, Charlotte State Bank & Trust is dedicated to supporting the communities that we serve. We do so within the following guidelines.


Program Guidelines

While Charlotte State Bank & Trust views charitable giving as a responsibility, regrettably we are unable to accept or respond favorably to donation requests that are not aligned with our mission. 

Consideration for donation requests shall first be given to those with established relationships in good standing with the Hometown Bank. Community support—in the form of donations, sponsorships, or advertising—may be made to nonprofit organizations providing services benefiting the communities we serve. 

(An organization is considered nonprofit if it is a group, agency, or service whose primary objectives are to improve or enhance the quality of life in sections of the community or to provide targeted welfare or other support.) 

Such support is made under the following categories that reflect our funding priorities:

  • Affordable housing for low- to moderate-income individuals and families
  • Community services relating to the safety of area residents
  • Quality of life for area residents
  • Activities that promote economic development
  • Activities that help revitalize and stabilize low- to moderate-income areas or areas adversely affected by disaster
  • Activities that foster the quest for knowledge and promote sportsmanship of area youth

Within these categories and funding guidelines, projects of all nonprofit organizations are considered for funding without regard to race, national origin, color, gender, disability, religion, ethnicity, age, marital status, or sexual orientation. In addition to the categories listed above, we will consider support of the efforts of Charlotte State Bank & Trust’s board of directors, employees, and customers. 

Please do not submit requests for:

  • Individual needs
  • Membership organizations, unless the project benefits the entire community
  • Travel for individuals or groups
  • Religious organizations, unless the project benefits the entire community or education
  • Political causes, candidates, organizations, or campaigns
  • Endowments or capital campaigns
  • Beauty/scholarship pageants

Organizations that are generally eligible for support will not be funded when the purpose is to cover any of the following:

  • Past operations deficits
  • Travel
  • Conferences
  • Advertising
  • Undefined operational support
  • Organizations of controversial nature
  • Third-party fundraising organizations

Review Process

The bank’s Community Support Committee reviews proposals and makes funding decisions on a monthly basis. The committee evaluates how the proposed program reflects the bank’s guiding principles and program emphasis, in addition to how well the applicant conveys the information requested.

How to Apply

To apply for support, please prepare the Community Support Request Form. Please include all supporting information.

When to Apply

For support of amounts of more than $1,000, please provide a request between September 30 and November 30 of the year prior to when you would like support. For lesser amounts, please allow 30 days prior to the time funds are needed.  

We realize that unexpected situations may occur that require financial support. Applications for these events are accepted throughout the year. The bank maintains a reserve account to respond to such needs; however, funding is limited and varies per year.