Enroll in Online Banking

Enrolling in Online Banking and Bill Pay

Step 1: Click on the “Enroll” link on the upper left portion of our website just to the right of the Online Banking Login box.

  • Register as either an individual or a business
  • Review and accept the Online and Mobile Banking Disclosure by checking the I Agree box
  • Open the PDF to obtain your acceptance code
  • Enter the code in the box  
  • Click on Continue

Step 2: Confirm your Identity

  • Enter your account number and Social Security Number
  • Verify your identity by answering two of the three questions presented
  • Click on Continue

Step 3: Register

  • Create a username that is at least six characters long and contains letters and numbers. It is not case sensitive
  • Select the email or SMS (text) number you want your temporary password sent to. Note: Temporary passwords expire after 24 hour. If your password expires, call 941-624-5400 to get a new one
  • Retrieve your temporary password, enter it into the password field and click “Login”
  • Create your new password, it must be a minimum of eight characters, contain one capital letter, one lower-case letter and a number. Special characters may be used.

Step 4: Authenticate

  • Select and answer five security questions
  • Select a confidence image and enter a corresponding secret phrase
  • Click on Continue

Step 5: Confirm your Contact Information

  • Select your time zone
  • Confirm or update your email address and phone number
  • Click on Continue

Step 6: You're Enrolled

  • Click “View Accounts” to finalize your registration. Once completed, you’ll see your Online Banking Dashboard
Enroll in Mobile Banking

Enrolling in Mobile Banking

Step 1: Navigate to the App Store or Google Play and search for Charlotte State Bank & Trust

Step 2: Click on “Get” and then “Install”

Step 3: Click on “Open”

Step 4: Enter  your username

Step 5: Verify your identity by answering the security question, then click “Continue”

Step 6: Enter your password

You’re enrolled. Click on the Menu icon to access mobile banking


Bill Pay

Schedule one time or recurring bill payments to individuals or companies. Bill Pay can only be set up using a desktop or laptop but current bills can be paid using your mobile device.

Setting up Bill Pay

Step 1: Access Online Banking

  • Log into Online Banking through a desktop or laptop site
  • Open the “Bill Pay” widget

Step 2: Authenticate

  • Select and answer three challenge phrases and click on Submit

Step 3: Add a Payee

  • Click on the Payees tab at the top of your dashboard
  • Click on the New Payee link to open the Add Payee Screen
  • Select Business or Person
  • Enter the remaining payee information
  • Click on Next
  • Enter the address where payment is to be sent
  • Click on Save
  • Verify your authenticity by answering a security question
  • Verify the information is correct
  • Click on Done
  • You will see your  new payee in your list of Payees

Step 4: Making a Payment

  • Once in Online Banking, click on the Bill Pay widget
  • Select Payee
  • Enter amount and date to be paid
  • Click on Submit Payment
  • If you have multiple bills to pay, click on the Multi Pay tab at the top of the dashboard
  • Classic Pay allows you to select your payee from a dropdown menu

To see the bills you have scheduled to pay, click on the Scheduled tab at the top of the dashboard.

The History tab shows your recent payments made through Online Bill Pay.

The eBills tab assists you in setting up electronic billing with those payees who offer the service.

Look what's new with Online Bill Pay!

Person-to-Person Payments (P2P)

Send money from your Charlotte State Bank & Trust debit card to almost anyone! All you need is their cell number or email address. Available on desktop and mobile. There is a $1 fee per transfer.

Sending a Person-to-Person Payment

  • Once in Online Banking, click on the P2P widget
  • Enter the recipient’s Email address or mobile phone number and confirm it
  • Add an optional memo about the payment
  • Enter the amount of the payment
  • Enter your Debit Card number and expiration date
  • Review and accept the terms of services
  • Click on Send
  • You will receive a confirmation screen that your payment has been sent

Receiving a Person-to-Person Payment

You will receive an email or text message notifying them that money has been sent to you. The notification will include a link to use to complete the transfer. By clicking on the link, you may choose to receive your money via debit card or into a checking account at any financial institution.

To receive by Debit Card

The debit card option is displayed by default. Simply fill in the fields indicated, accept the Terms of Service and then click on Deposit Payment.

To receive by checking account

Select “Receive with your Checking Account” to switch to the checking account option. To switch back to the debit card option, select “Receive with your Debit Card.”

Please note: funds received by debit card will be available immediately. Funds received to checking accounts will be available in two to three days.

A “Success!” message will be displayed when the money has been successfully deposited.

Mobile Deposit

Use your mobile phone to deposit checks by simply snapping a photo of the front and back of your check!

Step 1: Log into Mobile Banking using the Charlotte State Bank & Trust App. Select “Mobile Deposit” from the menu.

Step 2: Tap on the “Select an Account” area to choose which account to deposit your check into. Then tap on the “Amount” section and enter the correct deposit amount.

Step 3: Endorse the back of the check adding “For Mobile Deposit Only.”

Step 4: Tap the “Check Front” area for the App to automatically snap a photograph of your check. Then tap the “Check Back” area to take the photo of the back of the check. Then tap “Deposit Check.”

You will receive an email confirming that the deposit has been received. Once the deposit is approved, you will receive another email verifying that the deposit was made.

Cut-off Time: 3 p.m. Mon. - Fri. (excluding bank holidays)
Daily deposit limit: $2,500 (restrictions and exceptions may apply)

Account Notifications

Receive text, email or push notifications to keep track of your account activity. Account notifications can only be set up using a desktop computer, but enabled alerts can be managed and changed using a mobile device.

Setting up Notifications

Step 1: Log into Online Banking utilizing a desktop computer.

Step 2: Click on the “Widgets” icon and select “Notifications” at the top of your dashboard.

Step 3: Click on the “Gear” widget on the right side of the notification you wish to receive.

Step 4: Click on the account for which you wish to receive the alert.

Step 5: Enter any thresholds or other requested information.

Step 6: Click on the type of notification you wish to receive – either by email, “Push” or text message alert. A “Push” alert is set up on your mobile device to receive on you mobile phone.

Step 7: Click “Save Changes.”

Notifications that are available:


  • Transaction Alerts: A notification will be sent when a transaction of a selected amount adds or removes funds from a selected account.
  • Balance Summary Alerts: The balance for the selected account will be sent daily or weekly as selected.
  • Balance Alerts: A notification will be sent when the balance for a selected account falls below a certain threshold.
  • Automatic Withdrawal Alert: A notification will be sent when an automatic withdrawal has been made.
  • Automatic Deposit Alert: A notification will be sent when an automatic deposit is received.
  • Insufficient Funds Alert: A notification will be sent when there are insufficient funds in your account.


  • Transfer Fails Alerts: A notification will be sent whenever a transfer fails.
  • Transfer Succeeds Alerts: A notification will be sent whenever a transfer succeeds.


  • Budget Category Exceeded Alert: A notification will be sent when spending exceeds the amount budgeted using the Online and Mobile Banking Budget tool for a particular spending category.
  • Budget Exceeded Alert: A notification will be sent when spending exceeds the amount budgeted using the Online and Mobile Banking Budgeting Tool.

Savings Goals:

  • Goal Endangered Alert: A notification will be sent when a Savings Goal completion date is near but you don’t have enough funds in the designated savings account.
  • Goal Completed Alert: A notification will be sent a Savings Goal is met.


  • Online Banking Access: A notification will be sent every time your Online and Mobile Banking account is accessed.

Instantly move money between your Charlotte State Bank & Trust accounts, external accounts or send money to others. Available on your desktop computer or mobile device.

Transferring between Charlotte State Bank  & Trust Accounts:

Step 1: Log into Online or Mobile Banking.

Step 2: Click on the “Transfers” widget

Step 3: Select the account from which you wish to transfer money, the amount and the account into which you want the money deposited.

Step 4: Click on “Make Transfer.”

Linking an External Account

Step 1: Log in to Online Banking and click on the “Widget Options” icon

Step 2: Click on “Link an External Account.”

Step 3: Read and agree to the Enrollment and Approval of External Accounts, then click “Continue.”

Step 4: Follow the provided instructions.

Transferring from an External Account to an Charlotte State Bank & Trust loan

To do this, you must first link to an external account.

Step 1: Log in to Online or Mobile Banking. Open either by clicking on the “Transfers” widget or select “Transfer” from the menu in the App.

Step 2: Select the “From” account. External accounts are indicated by an icon. Select the amount you want to transfer. Select the “To” account.  Your loan will be listed as a “To” account.

Step 3: Click “Make Transfer.”

Mobile Wallet

Any Charlotte State Bank & Trust debit card (and most credit cards) can be added to “Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®.

How to set up and use Apple Pay®.

How to set up and use Samsung Pay®.

Do you have questions about our Online and Mobile Banking? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Online & Mobile Banking FAQs

1Charlotte State Bank & Trust Mobile App is available for Apple® or Android™ mobile devices. Message and data rates may apply. Funds are available within two business days after the date of deposit unless otherwise notified. Deposit limitations apply. Visit www.charlottestatebankandtrust.com for terms, conditions and details. Apple® and the Apple® logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. App Store® is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android™ and Google Play™ are trademarks of Google Inc.