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Vice President
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Portfolio Manager
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Our experienced professionals present important information designed to help attendees achieve the financial goals established for themselves and their heirs. They are also available for one-on-one, confidential appointments in which they will take the time to thoroughly understand the important details of your financial position, discuss your plans for the future and help you identify investment, tax and estate planning opportunities.

Call today to make an individual appointment, or ask us about scheduling presentations for your organization’s meetings with any of the following topics:

Will or Trust

We will discuss the pros and cons of each and which plan is better for certain family situations and estates, including your homestead property.
Presented by Christine A. Hause

The Top 10 Things Every Investor Should Know

Whatever you’re invested in you will benefit from this presentation. We’ll review benchmarking, setting expectations, how to handle market fluctuations, and the true cost of investments.
Presented by Samuel A. Kiburz

Who Best Should Control Your Finances?

Are you comfortable having a relative accessing your bank or investment accounts, IRAs, insurance policies and safe deposit boxes? Learn the pros and cons of family or friends serving in these important fiduciary roles, including costs and liabilities.
Presented by Christine A. Hause

Interest Rate Changes

Learn how your investments will react if interest rates change. Review non-annuity options for your portfolio that will help you reach your financial goals in today’s changing rate world.
Presented by Samuel A. Kiburz

Becoming a Floridian

If you are considering establishing domicile in Florida, learn how to benefit fully from no state income tax, homestead exemption and favorable estate planning laws. We’ll help you develop a checklist of what you need to accomplish to become a Floridian and receive the benefits that come with it.
Presented by Christine A. Hause

Preparing for Changes in Your Living and Care Expenses

Consider what changes you may have to make to your assets if you need in-home health care, assisted living or nursing home care. What costs would you incur? Is there sufficient liquidity in your portfolio to cover them? What if the markets are down? How would that affect your options? We will explore how to select the best non-annuity investments to help alleviate a potential loss of capital.
Presented by Samuel A. Kiburz

Preparing for Changes in your Health?

If you or a loved one receives a serious medical diagnosis, learn how to ensure your documents are in order and your assets are titled properly so your estate plan wishes will be carried out.
Presented by Christine A. Hause

Handling Finances Alone

Can a survivor access assets and manage your financial affairs? Are they comfortable making investment decisions? Is there enough income and credit for the survivor to maintain their same lifestyle? Join us as we share our expertise with surviving spouses to answer those questions.
Presented by Christine A. Hause

Asset Protection?

We will explore whether to title your assets in the name of your trust or in another way to protect them from creditors and liabilities. We will discuss umbrella policies and what assets should be covered.
Presented by Christine A. Hause

Disability or Incapacitation

Is your Power of Attorney valid in Florida? Does it name people you trust with your financial affairs? Is your health care surrogate form up to date with changes in the law? These and other issues will be addressed to ensure that your care and affairs will be handled according to your wishes.
Presented by Christine A. Hause

Learn the True Costs of Your Investments

Discover how much of your possible gains may be paid in fees, internal costs, commissions, tax and cash drag and other expenses. Uncover the total costs of your portfolio to determine if they take too much of your potential returns, as we have found many times. Learn the real returns of stocks and bonds to have a fair comparison to other investment options.
Presented by Samuel A. Kiburz

Avoiding Probate

Have you carefully reviewed all of your asset titles and beneficiary designations with a trust officer or attorney? We will discuss how best to assign titles and beneficiaries to match your estate plan goals and documents, and if necessary, the probate process. This will save your heirs time and money.
Presented by Christine A. Hause

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